Babae is a non-profit women’s organization committed to nurture and empower Filipina-Canadian women.


Babae supports Filipina-Canadian women to successfully integrate into diverse backgrounds and become leaders.


In support of its mission, Babae will:


In 2003, BABAE was born out of 6 Filipino women’s passion for service and community engagement. Their vision was courageous and inspirational: to empower marginalized and racialized women to boldly step out of stereotypes and aim to reach their highest potential to become valuable contributors to society. The organization has helped thousands of new migrants overcome their challenges and navigate the intricacies of settling in Alberta. What started as a social support group for newly migrated live-in caregivers has grown into a robust non-profit organization that aims to facilitate integration of new migrants into Canadian society.
Through effective collaboration and networking, BABAE developed key partnerships with government agencies and various ethno-cultural groups, working together to nurture strong ties and cooperation for a truly multicultural community.








Latest News & Updates


13 October 2022
Committee awarded our very own Babae: Council of Filipina-Canadian member/director Sherrisa Celis last October 4th, 2022 at The Government House in E...
12 August 2022
Babae through this project will increase engagement of seniors from urban andrural areas and broaden their social connections. Engaging seniors in liv...